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Monitor folders - automatically rename PDF files according to individual rules

Automatic PDF Processor

Automatic PDF Processor supports, among other things, automated renaming of PDF files. Among other things, the file content can be used to name received invoices according to a contained invoice date, logs according to a log number, etc. In addition, document metadata can be used. For example, the title or creation date of the PDF document can be integrated into the file name. The new name can be composed arbitrarily of new as well as existing name components. The names of the parent folders can also be included in the name.

To ensure that only certain PDF files are automatically renamed, various filters can be set. Filter criteria can include the text of the PDF document, its metadata, or general file information such as file name or file date. Any number of extraction rules can be created for extracting PDF data. Extraction rules also include optional validation and formatting of the extracted value. The extracted PDF data can then be integrated into the new file name using placeholders.

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Monitor any number of folders

Examine incoming PDF files and apply individual rules

Apply optional

Narrow down PDF files to be renamed using flexible filters

Auto-rename PDF

Rename PDF files according to file content, for example

Optional further processing

Perform subsequent tasks, e.g., run a program with the filename of the PDF file passed as parameter

With Automatic PDF Processor, you can (among other things):

  • Have the file name dynamically generated from properties of the PDF document
  • Create individual profiles for different naming rules
  • Monitor any number of folders
  • Filter by document text, file date, author, title ...
  • Process already existing PDF files in a folder (with user-defined criteria)
  • Regularly create and optionally send an Excel report with overview and detailed information
  • Limit automated naming of PDF files to specific days and times, for example, to process PDF files only during office hours
  • Combine a scan and OCR process with subsequent automatic naming by Automatic PDF Processor in order to be able to store older PDF documents with a meaningful name
  • Perform subsequent actions, e.g. start a program with the path of the respective PDF file as a parameter
  • Receive information about various processing statuses by email

Use PDF file content for the name

Automatic PDF Processor - configure extraction

Automatic PDF Processor enables you to extract data from PDF documents automatically. For example, invoice data such as invoice number, recipient, or date can be extracted and used for naming. PDF data can be extracted from the document in various ways. For invoices and other document types with a variable position of the relevant data, data determination using keywords is recommended. This involves specifying one or more keywords (e.g., invoice number:) and then selecting the position of the data area (e.g., to the right).

Another option is position-based data determination by moving a selection rectangle. Also interesting is the option to store a value into a placeholder depending on the presence of keywords. This can be used for the automatic classification of documents, for example.

Use PDF metadata for the name

Automatic PDF Processor - metadata selection

Numerous metadata can be used for the file name. For example, the title of the document can become part of the file name. There are many options for editing the determined value on the Formatting tab. Among other things, part of the value can be replaced or removed, including regular expressions. Furthermore, a term can be added, and multiline text can be reduced to any line. The program always provides a real-time preview based on the added sample files.

The following metadata can be used for the file name:

  • title, author, subject
  • keywords, creator, producer
  • creation date, last modification date
  • version number, page count

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