Word Text Replacer - Online help

Program help as PDF

Main menu

Menu entries of the group Menu


Using this menu item, the program options can be accessed to customize the program.

Enter license key…

This menu entry opens the registration dialog to enter the license key respectively to unlock the full version of the program.

Online help…

Clicking on this menu item opens the online help in the default browser. To use the online help, an active Internet connection is required.

Info about Word Text Replacer…

Using this menu item, the dialog window to display the program version of the license state will be opened. This dialog window contains also links to contact the technical support, the product's web page etc.

Create error report

In case of technical problems, you can create a bug report by using this menu item. The created file is named " Word Text Replacer - error report" and located on the Desktop. You can then send us the error report attached to an email with a short description of the problem.

Menu entries of the group Profile


Clicking on this menu item loads a previously saved profile.


This menu item is used to store the settings in a profile for future use.

Menu entries of the group File List

Remove selection…

Clicking on this menu item removes the selected entries from the list of the Word documents scheduled for processing.

Clear list…

This menu entry removes all items from the list of the Word documents scheduled for processing.


Using this menu item, a reusable file list can be exported. The following options are available:

  • Export all files
  • Export successfully processed files
  • Export error causing files

Other menu entries


This menu entry brings up a file selection dialog to select the backup archive from which a former state of the backed up files should be restored.

Perform a test run…

Use this menu item to perform a test-run (without modifications made to the files). Subsequently, the number of replacements, any errors including further details and information about password protection is displayed.

Perform replacements…

This menu item starts the replacement process. For this, a window opens showing a progress bar. You have the option to cancel the operation.

Tab Files

Add files

This toolbar contains several buttons to add the Word documents to be edited to the file list.

The following options are available:

  • Add files
  • Import file list
  • Add folder
  • Add folder including sub-folders

File types

This list serves to narrow down the files to be processed. Before or after adding files, file types can be excluded from being processed by unchecking the respective check box. The following file types are available: docx, docm, dotx, dotm, doc, dot, htm, html, rtf, mht, mhtml, xml, odt, pdf.

Period of last changes

This group serves for the optional filtering of files based on a specific modification date.

Tab Search Settings

Configuration groups

Configuration groups are used to apply to various sections of the document different substitution lists. So, for example, it is possible to edit links in the footer only, then to replace an address in the main text only and then to apply another substitution list to the VBA code or a selection list in the document.

Toolbar for configuration groups

The toolbar contains buttons to add more configuration groups as well as to delete, copy, or rename the selected configuration group.


This group is used to select the sections to be searched for occurrences of the text to be replaced.


Here, optional search parameters, such as the distinction of upper / lower case of the terms to be searched can be defined.


In this group, the replacement pairs are entered. The input can be done by manual entry of the values, or by importing a CSV file. By using the selection list Special Format in the above arranged toolbar, characters like a manual line break will be inserted into the text of the selected cell.

Tab Extended

Extended settings

Retain last modified date

Here it is determined whether the restoration of the original modification date should take place after successful processing.

Retain last access date

Here it is determined whether the restoration of the original date of last access should take place after successful processing.

Process read-only files

Specifies whether files that are marked as read-only, should be processed.

Process read-only recommended files

Determines whether read-only recommended files are to be processed. If this option is active, instead of the original owner, the current user becomes owner of all read-only recommended files that were successfully processed.

Highlight replacements

When enabled, all places in the text where a substitution took place, are highlighted.

Update fields before saving

Updates all fields before saving the document, for example, to update page numbers etc.


Here, one or more passwords are entered, to unlock an existing protection for all Word documents.

The following types are supported:

  • Password for opening files
  • Password for unlocking document protection
  • Password to unlock the protection of VBA modules